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PopGuard Google Chrome Extension

 Popguard Chrome extension lets you access ad-blocking features that blocks all types of ads like banner ads, popups, popovers, onclick ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, sticky ads, etc. Choose our extension to get ad-free, fast and secure browsing.

Best Ad Blocker For Google Chrome

PopGuard has been blocking ads and unwanted content since a long time. It’s the best Ad Blocker For Google Chrome to speed up page load times and make browsing seamless. PopGuard ensure that users and devices can safely connect to the Internet, despite of where they are connecting from, without the complexity connected with legacy, appliance-based access. Popguard Chrome extension lets you access ad-blocking features that blocks all types of ads like banner ads, popups, popovers, onclick ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, sticky ads, etc. It blocks malicious websites while filtering out annoying ads and other unwanted content.

Block annoying ads

Blocks popups and pop-unders and makes you feel better. Blocks unwanted popups and pop-unders on sites you visit.

Block Facebook ads

PopGuard has already defeated Facebook's new ad blocking restrictions! Sounds Crazy? Try It, Yourself

Block YouTube ads

PopGuard removes the video ads from YouTube. It also removes any ads that appear before the video starts

Install PopGuard For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the most popular and trusted web browser today. As such it deserves a reliable partner against annoying and flashy ads, exactly what PopGuard is. It will help you get rid of all kinds of commercials on the Internet.

  • Go to Menu -> Extensions
  • Click on the “Get more extensions” link
  • Search for PopGuard in the Chrome Web store
  • Click on “ADD TO CHROME”
  • Click on “Add extension” to confirm the installation
  • Voila and all annoying ads are OUT!


PopGuard offers really flexible pricing options. You can choose the PopGuard subscription on the basis of your requirements like devices and tenure. You can choose between monthly, yearly and one time subscription options. Please select your subscription from below.




3 Devices
$9.99 / year (recurring)


BUY NOW $9.99




5 Devices
$24.99 / year (recurring)


BUY NOW $24.99


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